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The bridge between Silicoin and Binance Smart Chain has been done by FuturesCash

Over the past decade, blockchain and Defi have become increasingly popular, with disruptive use cases in almost every domain. To reach its full potential, the cryptocurrency community must find solutions to certain persistent problems:

  • Scalability

  • Interoperability

  • Inter-chain communication

Because different blockchain cannot communicate, users cannot fully enjoy the benefits of ledger technology. Just like cryptocurrencies are hard to swap from one chain to another. This frustration makes it imperative that “cross-chain” technologies allow users to exchange value and information easily and quickly. Therefore, we need a strong, trust-minimized cross-chain ecosystem to connect the players in the public chain. Realizing this, Silicoin started exploring technology to cross-chain.

In coincidence, we found that Futures Foundation is now working to build a cross-chain ecosystem that fits our strategic development needs. FuturesCash, the foundation’s product, will launch an IBO (Initial Bridge Offering) mechanism.

Thus, Silicoin has decided to work with FuturesCash. Both users can take advantage of the IBO mechanism on FuturesCash and enjoy the benefits of low gas costs and convenience, making the comples cross-chain process very simple.

What are the benefits of cross-chain for Silicoin networks?

Firstly, lower the threshold of entry for users. Silicoin is known to be an independent public chain based on Chia technology and mining equipment is a basic requirement to join in Silicoin network. Therefore, the vast majority of beginner of users, or users without mining equipment are excluded. This is a very important bottleneck for the long-term development of a public chain.

Secondly, reduce the technical difficulty of ecological development. Silicoin’s blockchain performance will take time to settle compared to Ethereum and BSC (Binance Smart Chain) due to its innovative technology. But we know very well how important it is to develop ecology for a public chain. However, due to technical limitations, many talented programmers have not been able to join the Chia blockchain ecosystem. In view of this, we believe that by cross-chain, we can get more programmers to join Silicoin’s ecology and they can do more development on the BSC without being limited by the common chain itself. For example, contributors can develop GameFi on the BSC, creat LP pools, set up NFT platforms, or open leveraged trading pairs, ect. All of this is difficult to land before the implementation of cross-chain, but after the cross-chain, all become possible.

About SIT on Binance Smart Contract

SIT Smart Contract Address: 0x27db5261Dd23Aca86000bBAf4Cb120b5DD5DD569

Silicoin NFT Contract Address: 0xbCCB20A7CFc41552D8E6B3f181352E14c4C70dE4

Silicoin DAPP Link:

About FuturesCash

Finally, let’s briefly introduce our partner, FuturesCash cross-chain Wallet has a wider range of applications, better cryptocurrency circulation, and as always, a user-friendly interface. With upcoming new features, it will provide users with a unique experience.

FuturesCash, FC Multi-chain Wallet, focuses on the financial management function of cryptocurrency, and its three features are popular among 500,000 users around the world:

  • Mobile phone number opens an account in one minute

  • Ultra-low commission directly connected to DeFi trading platform

  • Support USDT-TRC20, BNB and other dozens of hot assets

About the Futures of foundation and FuturesCash, olease see the official account below for more information:


  1. Search for “FuturesCash” in App Store or Google Play

  2. Open the official website with a browser on an Android phone

How to transfer your SIT to BSC

Sign up Hoo Smart Chain “Cosmic Origin Project”, realize visual blockchain together!

As DeFi is becoming more homogeneous and static, Hoo Smart Chain is set for a break through by announcing their decision to go all in the metaverse. In March 2022, the “Cosmic Origin Project“, an incentive program for global decentralized developers was launched.

At present, Terra is the second largest DeFi network after ETH with 26 billion TVL.  The most important reason of the result is the high annual subsidy Terra officially gives its algorithmic stablecoin UST, thus UST and LUNA are linked to form a positive feedback cycle of aggregate funds.

IMG_257For a new blockchain to achieve high liquidity and break into top TVL positions is to  provide high rewards for projects deployed in ecosystem, so as to gather funds, attract popularity to realise explosive growth.

But unlike Anchor which is the dominant project on Terra, Hoo Smart Chain’s “Cosmic Origin Project” is an incentive for all projects. It offers a massive bonus system of up to $2.05 million per month for a single project from the TVL incentive scheme, NFT and GameFi project volume incentive scheme, cross-chain incentive scheme and HOO Token staking bonus.

Apart from large scale projects, Hoo Smart Chain also supports small and medium DeFi projects, with a minimum of 1 million TVL required to receive sustainable rewards.

With developer-friendly incentives, low GAS fees, efficient transaction speeds, and ease of deployment with Ethereum-compatible EVM, Hoo Smart Chain has become a prime destination for emerging projects, as well as attracting quality projects from other blockchains to Hoo Smart Chain.

IMG_258 InfStones, a Web3 infrastructure provider that raised $33m in Series B funding, recently signed up the “Cosmic Origin Project“. InfStones provides public and private API services and node management services on the platform, enabling customers to deploy their nodes in the Hoo Smart Chain or other blockchains within minutes with one click.

In addition,  Forward Protocol that has received $1.25 million in funding from several institutions including, CVVC, AU21, X21 and GDA Capital, also sign up. And closed a $2.37 million seed and private funding round earlier this year, Tank Wars Zone is a P2E game funded by Fantom Foundation, DFG, JSquare, Newave Capital, HyperChain Capital, Prometeus Labs, ZBS Capital, LD Capital will also be deployed on Hoo Smart Chain in the near future.

Up till now, “Cosmic Origin Project” has attracted WEB3.0 projects: Forward, infrastructure : Infstones, aggregator: Autofarm, Dex: PuddingSwap, SocialFi: 5 degrees, GameFi: Tank Wars Zone over 40 projects signed up.

Hoo Smart Chain is an easily scalable high-performance basic blockchain. Dedicated to providing developers with an efficient and low-cost on-chain environment to run decentralized smart contract applications (DApps) and store digital assets. Since Hoo Smart Chain announced its commitment to creating a metaverse, the realization of metaverse will take place in four stages: visualization, three-dimension interface, social interaction and metaverse.

IMG_259  “Cosmic Origin Project” is the first step of the “Visual Blockchain” in the metaverse’s four-step plan, Hoo Smart Chain has launched a comprehensive and multi-channel incentive form for popular tracks such as the Decentralized Application Foundation Protocol, Multi-chain and cross-chain Hub Protocol, GAMEFI and NFT to support global quality decentralized ecological projects. It is committed to promoting the development of different sections of decentralized application, exploring the infinite possibilities including visual blockchain ecology, metaverse blockchain and so on; We hope to provide better and more sustainable support to ecological developers to build the future of blockchain.

Hoo Smart Chain Website:  

“Cosmic Origin Project” registration form :  

Official Developer Telegram Group: 


BlueArk (BRK) metaverse platform explores the road of innovation

BlueArk metaverse platform (BRK) , a combination of offline and online development, has been increasingly recognized by the market. Metaverse concept store in Hong Kong, many people make an appointment to visit every day. Innovation is the driving force for the project to become great. Continuous innovation can effectively test the comprehensive strength of the project.

On upcoming EP.5 Ark-Live, Will going to have valuable partner @ruby9100m who’s currently launching her first solo NFT exhibition at our BlueArk concept store in Peninsula.

Along with Peter and Dough-Boy, they will be sharing the discussion about art in Metaverse and NFT creation related topics.

Simply click on the link below at the designated time and we will be able to join ZOOM live! You are also welcome to watch the live streaming on Facebook page at the same time too! Join on ZOOM:

BlueArk metaverse platform (BRK) has been listed on several exchanges, for example: JPEX, LBank, Uniswap, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap and Mdex. The good news: the near future, Hotcoin Global Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, will list BlueArk (BRK) on April 14, 2022. For all users of Hotcoin Global Exchange, the BRK/USDT trading pair will be officially available for trading at 18:00 (UTC+8) on April 14, 2022.


Figure : Hotcoin Global Exchange Will List BlueArk (BRK) on April 14, 2022

The emergence of metaverse concept has brought huge potential in evolution of human ecology. With advanced blockchain technology and features such as DeFi, NFT, and GameFi, BlueArk (BRK) is here to carry the imagination and infinite possibilities of all mankind, lead the world into metaverse, and jointly create an ideal and vast world of great harmony. Its native token BRK will be listed on Hotcoin Global Exchange at 18:00 (UTC+8) on April 14, 2022, to further expand its global reach and help it achieve its vision.

Introducing BlueArk

BlueArk (BRK) is a bridge and a media to bring the imagination and creativity of all mankind from reality to the metaverse. The business of BlueArk includes art, creation, music, video, multimedia, game, smart chain and concept store. It will make use of advanced concepts and technologies such as blockchain, NFT and AI to provide space and possibilities for creators all over the world, so they can pursue their creativity and imagination, and create more value for their creations.

To give the creation a proper “value” in the market, “BRK NFT Marketplace” was built by BlueArk with the three advantages of low barrier, high accessibility, and fast transaction, all creators in the world can show their ability and best creations to the world without geographical limitation in front of NFT collectors and buyers from different countries, create value, and prove the value of their art creations. As a brand-new marketplace, it supports digital collectables, paintings, music, videos, gifs, game NFTs, etc., which can all be displayed and exchanged on the platform.

In addition, BRK will establish an exclusive “BRK Artificial Intelligence” system to recreate “secondary value” and give more significance to users’ NFT works, so that NFT will not only stop at the narrow level of collecting and trading. It will also create a new concept of “GameFi” through the “BRK Smart Chain” and artificial intelligence system, and further apply the concept of “participation as mining” to players.

Moreover, BRK’s AI system will use big data to make simultaneous evolution and to create one of the important element for “BRK Metaverse” – “BRK Galaxy”, where users can use the NFT works they own to generate the basic unit of “BRK Planet”, in which a unique family, community, ecology, environment, mining, art, creation, games and various commercial activities can be built. To enter the metaverse, users need to create a unique “BRK Metazen” identity with its patented BRK AI creation technology.

In addition to the “BRK Galaxy”, there is also a new concept of “BRK Multiverse” joining the “BRK Metaverse”. BlueArk will share data with other companies or enterprises using AI technology, and build their parallel world in the BRK Metaverse for them. It will also use AI to connect and interact with other metaverse worlds of different brands in this way.

Through these specific concepts of “BRK Galaxy”, “BRK Metazen”, and “BRK Multiverse”, BlueArk will create a universal world that crosses the age and space, and implements a new “BRK Metaverse” business model that spans generations and the world.

About BRK Token

BRK is the token of the BlueArk ecology, through the concepts of NFT, DeFi and GameFi, a financial metaverse ecology with BRK as the currency will be constructed to provide actual financial value for artistic creations, and to create a digital business world with no border for stakeholders, to create a better life, and to fulfill bigger dreams.

The total supply of BRK is 650 billion (i.e. 650,000,000,000) tokens. 20% of the total supply is allocated to the team, 15% is provided for sustainable development foundation, and 5% is provided for platform incentive. Apart from the traditional “mining”, under the new concept of “participation as mining”, the rest 60% of the total supply will be emerged through transactions of NFTs on the “BRK NFT Marketplace”, “BRK games”, or “BRK staking pool”. Participants can earn BRK by simply transacting NFT, playing BRK games, or staking digital assets in the pool.

BRK will be listed on Hotcoin Global Exchange at 18:00 (UTC+8) on April 14, 2022, investors who are interested in BlueArk investment can easily buy and sell BRK on Hotcoin Global Exchange by then. The listing of BRK on Hotcoin Global Exchange will undoubtedly help it further expand its business and draw more attention in the market.

Learn More about BRK Token:

Official Website: